The Wolf Tribute model has a neck-through the body configuration. The body wings are an 11-layer “hippie sandwich” with a purpleheart core and alternating purpleheart and tiger maple accenting veneers. Its top and back are cut from AAAAA popcorn quilted maple, with the top featuring the Wolf emblem, which originated as a sticker Jerry put on his Guitar. Later, during a refinishing, the sticker could not be salvaged, so Doug Irwin replicated it in wood, brass and ivory. On the Scarlet Fire model, his snout and eyebrows are brass, his face ebony, his eyes South American yellowheart, and his extended tongue is holly dyed a deep red. The bridge and tuners are vintage Schaller and the switch plate and tail-piece are laser cut stainless and the coi fish are inlaid w/ blue abalone.

The neck on any instrument ordered is custom-made to the customer’s specifications – any profile, any thickness. All Wolf models come standard with a 16 in. radius Gabon ebony fretboard, with a mammoth ivory inlays and sterling silver fret markers. All necks are bound with alternating strips of ebony, holly and purpleheart. The headstock is overlaid with ebony and bound w/ the same binding as the fretboard. On the reverse there are 6 alternating layers of curly maple and purpleheart veneers. The back overlay extends a tongue to the 1st fret for extra reinforcement in a traditionally weak area.

All the pots are J style mil. spec. and the caps are 1977 vintage 2% poly yellow jackets.The circuit has the commensurate internal F/X loop, and depending on the model, will have a vintage stratoblaster circuit or the later buffer. The finish is a 20+ layer high gloss nitro lacquer made by Cardinal.

I offer the Wolf Tribute in 3 pick-up configurations:

  • The ’73 model w/3 single coils (D. Allen Voodoo ’69) and the Stratoblaster w/ gain knob option
  • The ’78 model w/ brass or stainless triple ring w/ 2 Dimarzio super II humbuckers and a Dimarzio Dp111, single coil w/ OBEL (on board effects loop) and Waldo unity gain buffer
  • The late model w/ brass and 3 Dimarzio super II humbuckers OBEL and Waldo unity gain buffer.

I can install an optional din plug for those who want to swap triple rings for different configurations.

I offer the full Cadillac Wolf for $4000, plus a hard case of your choosing. You can save $50 off that price if you forgo the ivory and opt instead for a brass eagle or MOP on the headstock and a MOP fretboard inlay scheme.

You can save $150 by getting no inlay scheme. You can get a stripped down Wolf for $3500 with no wolf inlay, no eagle, no laminated body.

Estimated construction time: 6-7 months

I require 1/3 of the price down to start, another $400-$600 when the electronics are ready to go in, and the rest upon completion.


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